Invention is the most important product of man’s creative brain. The ultimate purpose is the complete mastery of mind over the material world, the harnessing of human nature to human needs.


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We are shaping the future with the awesome things we do

The Nikola Tesla Association for the Development of Science is formed in year 2000, by its president Nikola Tesla. The non profit organization is constantly busy with project, we love dealing with every aspect of life, from food, health, wellness, excercise, education, spirituality and problem solving. We are the creators of the new civilization Tesliyana. We are open to work with other organization who want to bring new ideas and shape the world with us.


We travel, research and work with different individuals and entities to accomplish project goal

What we do

Pride in Each Action

Creating Projects

So far we have 98 projects in total. Which are 53 has been done and the rests are ongoing to be

Non Profit

We are not finaced by any entity. We actualy work hard to make things happen, with minimal amounts of cash.

Settle Projects

We are looking for land to settle many projects on. Must be in the countryside, Serbian mountains.

Shaping The Future

The future is in nature not in technocratic societies. You can see it for yourself.

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Best Science Experience

Join with us to gain many kind of projects that all be the legacy of Nikola Tesla. Below are some of our recently projects

Building clean electricity

Storming radio wave

Mecanichal flying object

Friendly vehicle

And many more

We recieve any ammount of donation. Your effort will grateful to all of our projects. hit the button below to make a donation

Volunteering opportunity

We have so many projects to do. And a so, we need a lot people to get the projects to be done. Thats why we need volunteers just like you. Here some position of volunteers we need at recent projects

Civil engneer

Head of Administration

Equipments inventorist

Project Manager

Officer Staffs

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Nikola Tesla Association for the Development of Science do seminars in regularly times. Book now to get the latest insight projects and all what we do along the problem solving

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Meet The Tesliyans


Nikola Tesla

Born 1966, in Serbia, he is an author, scientist, visionary and a spiritual teacher. He is the president of The Nikola Tesla Association for the Development of Science. With his organization, he has had over 200 presentations since year 2000, and has a countless number of inventions. He the authored three published book, “Seering Visions In Songs”, “Novi Sad Diary”, and “Tesla Silk Road”. He is also teaching Tesla Academy of Rejuvenation. He is a time traveler, a healer and a wizard, who wants to better life of the people.

Rade Bamba

He loves nature and is a master of five different professions. He loves helping Tesliyana and is a retired Construction Manager. He curently lives in a small town of Indjija.

Biljana Radulovic

Beljana also loves the nature and she is an advocate for Tesla projects. She has helped in several projects, and is contacting other organization and other people to help and support our mission.

Marguerite Marington

Born 1986, she is an author, filmmaker, and manages the video channel and the websites for Tesliyana adn Teslaheaven. She is also an English teacher. Her book "The Other Heaven" is coming soon.

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